Woll & Woll, P.C. takes a team approach to achieving its mission. Its four attorneys and the rest of its staff take a multidisciplinary approach to cases using their combined expertise in financial planning, business evaluation, information technology and crisis management, making use of the individual talents of each employee.

Here at Woll & Woll, we understand that all cases, especially divorce cases, are unique. Your aunt, your neighbor, and your coworker’s second cousin have all gone through a divorce and are ready to share their experiences—good and bad—with you. The best thing to remember is that you and your spouse are different from every divorcing couple that has come before you. You have a different judge, different attorney and a different situation. There is no uniformity in our Court system, and judges, as well as other court staff, bring to each case their own set of emotional biases and experiences.

The most successful family law practitioners conduct themselves in a professional manner, continuously work toward an equitable settlement, while protecting their client’s best interests, educate their clients about the divorce process, and never forget the emotional and personal aspects of divorce.

Meet the team at Woll & Woll, P.C.

Jessica Woll


Allison Woll Parr


Kelly Stewart


Sara Aretakis German


MaryConnell Linton