Child support is based on the child’s needs (within the life style of the parties) and the parents’ ability to pay, determined by state guidelines.

If child support, medical expenses, etc., are not paid up to date when the judgment of divorce is entered, the judgment must state that the unpaid amounts remain due and payable after the entry of the judgment. Any rights and obligations imposed by a temporary order that are not restated in the judgment of divorce are canceled.

Child support in Michigan is based on on the Michigan Child Support Guidelines. It is a formula that takes mainly the following into consideration; however, other factors may apply as well:

  • Income of each parent.
  • Number of overnights utilized by each parent.
  • Out-of-pocket healthcare costs.
  • Childcare costs.
  • Number of exemptions/head of household status.

Modification and Enforcement

Child support may be modified if there is a change of circumstances. Support is usually ordered until the child reaches eighteen (18) years of age or graduates from high school (but not past the age of 19 and one-half. (19 1/2).

Income Withholding Order

Every order for child support paid through the Friend of the Court now provides for immediate automatic withholding of child support payments from the payer’s income, whatever the source, unless the court orders otherwise or approves an agreement by the parties.