After the divorce case is concluded, you might need an attorney for the enforcement of support, visitation, or property provisions.


Some divorce cases end in a reconciliation of the parties. If there is a chance to save your marriage, we will be pleased to help you do so, including recommending a marriage counselor. If you believe the marriage is over, we will do our utmost to obtain a judgment of divorce that is satisfactory to you.

This document should not to be considered the last word on the subject of divorce. It is provided to give you an overview of divorce law and procedures. Please note that law is constantly changing.

Separation and divorce impose tough tasks on all family members, including the children. Remember, children feel as though they are the powerless losers, deprived of the full-time proper guidance of their two parents. Therefore, it is important to place your children’s interests above all else during the divorce process, as well as after.

Although there might be some bitterness between you and your spouse, it should not be inflicted on your children. In every child’s mind there should be an image of two loving parents. To foster this image, you should remember that parenting time is time for the parent and the children to be with each other, to enjoy each other and to maintain positive relationships.