The following material is intended to answer some of your questions about the legal aspects of divorce and other family law matters. It is not intended to answer specific questions about your particular case, since each case is different.

You and your attorneys

The breakup of a marriage is a difficult experience. As your attorneys, we try to relieve your anxiety by helping you solve your legal problems. We can also recommend literature on divorce, divorce stress management, and helping children cope with divorce. If you need help with the emotional strain caused by divorce, we will be happy to give you a list of professionals who are trained to help you deal with your feelings at this difficult time.

To properly represent you, we must have all the facts concerning your case. Information you withhold can affect the outcome of your case. Remember that an attorney may not disclose confidential information given to him or her by a client without the client’s permission.

We want to stress that we are here to advise and assist you in decision making.

Our experience has shown that most divorce cases are settled when the parties reach an agreement amongst themselves, which is then reduced to a court order. However, never agree to something you do not understand or to something you feel you are forced to agree to. Do not agree to anything without consulting your attorney.

The subheadings at left explain the divorce process in detail.